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Can you name these facts about the Doctor Who story 'Dalek'?

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Forced Order
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Year in which this story is set
US state in which this story is set
The Doctor sets off alarms by touching a case containing the head of what?
Henry van Statten claims to own what?
Name of van Statten's helicopter
Room in which the Dalek is kept
Name van Statten has given the Dalek
Location where the Dalek fell to Earth
Van Statten claims to have developed a cure for what?
The nearest city to van Statten's base
Length of time the Doctor says it would take the Dalek to compute 'a thousand billion' combinations to an electronic lock
Word the Dalek says before it begins floating up the stairs
Guard exterminated by the Dalek on the stairs
The Dalek tells the Doctor he would make a good what?
Level of the base on which the bulkheads are located
Rose's age
After it doesn't exterminate van Statten, what does the Dalek tell Rose it wants?
What is the Doctor's answer to the Dalek's question 'Why do we survive?'
What does the Dalek tell Rose to order it to do?
Number of personnel reportedly killed by the Dalek

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