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Can you give the common names of all living species of cetacean?

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Scientific NameCommon NameFamily/Other Notes
Caperea marginataCetotheriidae
Balaena mysticetusBalaenidae
Eubalaena australisBalaenidae
Eubalaena glacialisBalaenidae
Eubalaena japonicaBalaenidae
Eschrichtius robustusEschrichtiidae
Balaenoptera acutorostrataBalaenopteridae
Balaenoptera bonarensisBalaenopteridae
Balaenoptera borealisBalaenopteridae
Balaenoptera brydeiBalaenopteridae
Balaenoptera edeniBalaenopteridae
Balaenoptera musculusBalaenopteridae
Balaenoptera omuraiBalaenopteridae
Balaenoptera physalusBalaenopteridae
Megaptera novaeangliaeBalaenopteridae
Physeter macrocephalusPhyseteridae
Kogia brevicepsKogiidae
Kogia simaKogiidae
Berardius arnuxiiZiphiidae
Berardius bairdiiZiphiidae
Hyperoodon ampullatusZiphiidae
Hyperoodon planifronsZiphiidae
Indopacetus pacificusZiphiidae
Mesoplodon bidensZiphiidae
Mesoplodon bowdoiniZiphiidae
Mesoplodon carlhubbsiZiphiidae
Mesoplodon densirostrisZiphiidae
Mesoplodon europaeusZiphiidae
Mesoplodon ginkgodensZiphiidae
Mesoplodon grayiZiphiidae
Mesoplodon hectoriZiphiidae
Mesoplodon hotaulaZiphiidae; 'rediscovered' in 2014
Scientific NameCommon NameFamily/Other Notes
Mesoplodon layardiiZiphiidae
Mesoplodon mirusZiphiidae
Mesoplodon perriniZiphiidae; described in 2002
Mesoplodon peruvianusZiphiidae
Mesoplodon stejnegeriZiphiidae
Mesoplodon traversiiZiphiidae
Tasmacetus shepherdiZiphiidae
Ziphius cavirostrisZiphiidae
Delphinapterus leucasMonodontidae
Monodon monocerosMonodontidae
Cephalorhynchus commersoniDelphinidae
Cephalorhynchus eutropiaDelphinidae
Cephalorhynchus heavisidiiDelphinidae
Cephalorhynchus hectoriDelphinidae
Delphinus capensisDelphinidae
Delphinus delphisDelphinidae
Feresa attenuataDelphinidae; called 'whale' despite being a dolphin
Globicephala macrorhynchusDelphinidae; called 'whale' despite being a dolphin
Globicephala melasDelphinidae; called 'whale' despite being a dolphin
Grampus griseusDelphinidae
Lagenodelphis hoseiDelphinidae
''Lagenorhynchus'' acutusDelphinidae; possibly to be reclassified as Leucopleurus acutus
Lagenorhynchus albirostrisDelphinidae
''Lagenorhynchus'' australisDelphinidae; likely to be reclassified as Cephalorhynchus australis
''Lagenorhynchus'' crucigerDelphinidae; likely to be reclassified as Cephalorhynchus cruciger
''Lagenorhynchus'' obliquidensDelphinidae; likely to be reclassified as Sagmatias obliquidens
''Lagenorhynchus'' obscurusDelphinidae; likely to be reclassified as Sagmatias obscurus
Lissodelphis borealisDelphinidae
Lissodelphis perroniiDelphinidae
Orcaella brevirostrisDelphinidae
Orcaella heinsohniDelphinidae; described in 2005
Orcinus orcaDelphinidae; often called 'whale' despite being a dolphin; likely to be divided into several different species
Scientific NameCommon NameFamily/Other Notes
Peponocephala electraDelphinidae; often called 'whale' despite being a dolphin
Pseudorca crassidensDelphinidae; called 'whale' despite being a dolphin
Sotalia fluviatilisDelphinidae
Sotalia guianensisDelphinidae
Sousa chinensisDelphindae
Sousa plumbeaDelphinidae; split from Sousa chinensis in 2014
Sousa sahulensisDelphinidae; described in 2014
Sousa teusziiDelphinidae
Stenella attenuataDelphinidae
Stenella clymeneDelphinidae
Stenella coeruleoalbaDelphinidae
Stenella frontalisDelphinidae
Stenella longirostrisDelphinidae
Steno bredanensisDelphinidae
''Tursiops'' aduncusDelphinidae; likely to be reclassified as Stenella aduncus or a new genus
Tursiops australisDelphinidae; described in 2011
Tursiops truncatusDelphinidae; may be divided into different species
Platanista gangeticaPlatanistidae; may be divided into two different species
Platanista minorPlatansitidae; possibly the same species as Platanista gangetica
Inia araguaiaensisIniidae; described in 2014; possibly the same species as Inia geoffrensis
Inia boliviensisIniidae; possibly the same species as Inia geoffrensis
Inia geoffrensisIniidae
Pontoporia blainvilleiPontoporiidae
Neophocaena asiaorientalisPhocoenidae
Neophocaena phocaenoidesPhocoenidae
Phocoena dioptricaPhocoenidae
Phocoena phocoenaPhocoenidae
Phocoena sinusPhocoenidae
Phocoena spinipinnisPhocoenidae
Phocoenoides dalliPhocoenidae

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