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Can you name these animals that all begin with 't'?

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endangered flightless rail of New Zealand
a new species of this large mammal, which has a short trunk, was described in 2013
subspecies of raccoon dog significant in Japanese folklore
small, primarily aquatic turtle
medium to large shark with a very elongate upper tail lobe
predominantly freshwater fish related to salmon; species include rainbow, brown, and lake
the largest carnivorous marsupial of recent times; it went extinct in 1937
Late Cretaceous dinosaur whose name means 'three-horned face'
North America's largest known terrestrial carnivore ever
colony-dwelling insect well-known for feeding on wood
electric ray that is the namesake of a naval weapon
tree-climbing anteater with a partially prehensile tail
large, monitor-like lizard of the New World, in the family Teiidae
though related to ostriches and other ratites, this New World ground bird can fly
large spider covered with irritating bristles that can be kicked off at attackers in self-defence
colourful tropical fish popular in aquaria but well-known for its bad temper
arboreal macropod marsupial of New Guinea, northern Australia, and some surrounding islands
wild horse of Eurasia that went extinct in the early 20th century
small bird from the family Paridae; species include blue, coal, and great
the largest living carnivorous marsupial
very small Southeast Asian primate with giant eyes
mountain-dwelling relative of sheep, goats, and muskox, in the genus Budorcas
large sport fish of saltwater and brackish water, capable of breathing air
bird of the New World tropics with a huge, colourful beak
large, dangerous shark well-known for eating just about anything, including inorganic garbage
the largest living cat
Australian snake which has the most potent venom of any snake
long-living lizard-like reptile native to New Zealand
elaborately-adorned Asian pheasant
small, tree-dwelling monkey of Central and South America

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