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QUIZ: Can you name all of these animals beginning with 'a'?

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insectivorous member of the hyena family
mammal protected by armour bands made of small scutes
threatened butterfly of mountainous Eurasia
the only tuna that can be marketed as 'white meat' in the USA
Britain's only native venomous snake
the crested species of this bird has tail coverts that are the longest feathers of any wild bird
marine mollusc considered very desirable as food and as a source of iridescent mother-of-pearl
flower-like cnidarian that may live in symbiosis with clownfish
lizard with an extensible throat dewlap and the ability to change colour
aquatic salamander with tiny, vestigial legs
the rarest leopard subspecies, with only about 70 adults left in the wild
the giant species of this mammal has a sticky tongue 45 cm (18 in) long
this canid has the best-insulating fur of any animal
flat-bodied, bottom-dwelling shark
New World bird that dives for fish and spears them on its beak
spiral-horned desert antelope
the smallest wild cattle
freshwater fish from South America that can breathe air and grow over 3 m (10 ft) long
lemur with long fingers used to extract insects from tree bark
one of over 200 ant species which exhibit aggressive predatory behaviour in large swarms
extinct wild ancestor of modern domestic cattle
the only living member of the family Orycteropodidae, this mammal's common name is Afrikaans for 'earth pig'
small, carnivorous, mouse-like marsupial
extremely long-winged bird adapted for soaring over the ocean
New World rodent that resembles a guinea pig but is larger and longer-limbed
tropical fish in the family Pomacanthidae, species include royal and emperor
the green species of this animal is the heaviest living snake
broad-snouted crocodilian found in the USA or China
the largest living wild sheep
Northern Hemisphere seabird that may look somewhat like a penguin, but can fly

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