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Can you name the Guess That KPOP song !?

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LyricsTitlle songGroup
Now lets chumeul chumeul chayo wanna get down... girl group
Yeogi butteora meodu moyeora boy group
Najenun noman kumta saroun guron sanayesolo male
Amureohji anhge nege kiseu hagoboy group
Miwohaji motae saranghajido motaeboy group
Touku harukana michi mo girl group
Fall In Love - nae soneul gok jaba jwo boy group
ne meorisogeul pagodeuneun nalkaroun nunbitboy group
Wonhandamyeon eonjedeunji jayuropgegirl group
Kimi wa doko ni ite? Dare to doko ni ite?boy group
LyricsTitlle songGroup
Neoman neoman neoman neoman neoman julge nalboy group
Geuman jom haejwo naega neol miwohagi jeoneboy group
Eonjengan I nunmuri meomchugilsolo female
Nae doneuro bangse da nae girl group
Cheotsarangeun areumdawoseo cheotsarangeun -ggotiramnida bomi omyeonsolo female
Syojuboda buinekidojal eoulgorinun keureon namjasolo female
Naman ye neo Nothing better than you girl group
I can do, we can fly ijen neoreul matgyeobwaboy & girl group
Ma diamond ring so bling blingsolo female
Hohoemanaide kocchi e kunaide yo oh oh oh oh oh ohgirl group

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