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Prime Minister
Largest City
National Bird
Name of National Rugby Union Team
Name of National Rugby League Team
Name of National Netball Team
Name of National Cricket Team
Name of National Rugby Sevens Team
Name of National Basketball Team
Creator of The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings
What Rating is NZ in happiness
NZ's most active volcano
City famous in NZ by it's smell
Man who found NZ in 1770
National Plant
2nd Language
3rd Language
When the Treaty of Waitangi was signed
Finance Minister
Former Prime Minister
Most Northern Town
Most Southern Town
NZ's only Theme Park
NZ's only Water Theme Park
Name of NZ's provincial rugby competition
NZ's tallest Mountain
Mythical Sea Monster
Where the 2011 earthquake happened
The city nicknamed The Tron
National Dance that happens before all black games
Largest Lake in NZ
Largest River in NZ
Name of Super Rugby winner 2016
World no.1 in women's golf
Most Popular singer in NZ
NZ's Rival in rugby
Name of NZ's most popular stadium

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