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Who established the equation, E = MC²?
Which Football Team won the FIFA World Cup 2014?
Who is the single dictator of North Korea?
How many miles per hour is Terminal Velocity for a Human?
What is the capital of Russia?
What is Homer Simpson's middle name?
When did the 'War of 1812' begin?
How tall (in feet) is Mt. Everest?
Who was the 37th President of the USA?
Which company made Scooby Doo?
What are Habiliments?
What is the name of the smallest horse in the world?
How old was George Washington at death?
Does '/' mean to multiply or divide?
Who created the painting, 'Starry Night'
What is the oldest recorded age of a human?
How did Queen Mary I die?
Who won the last Super Bowl?
In the NFL, it is the Dallas-
Which is faster- a Grizzly Bear or a hippo?

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