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Forced Order
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What are the tips of pencils made of?
Who is Timmy Turner's Fairy Godmother?
How fast can Cheetahs run? (Put MPH at the end)
What Animal is the Mascot for Cheerios?
Which TV Company created Bugs Bunny?
What is the capital of Luxembourg?
Who created Pinocchio?
What is 'Junior Miss'
What is Ellen's last name?
True/False. You can burn calories chewing gum.
What are, 'Junior Mints'
Who wrote the, 'Demigods of Olympus' series?
Who was Robin Williams?
Can bread give you protein?
One Small Step for Man...
In Greek myths, who was Keto?
How tall was Robert Wadlow?
Who is St. Nick?
Where was the 2014 FIFA World Cup held?
What is Spongebob?

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