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Hint'De' Word
Showing resistance or disobedience
Rival of a Republican
To get your hardware and tools, Black &
The opposite of life
A sweet treat most likely following dinner
A state of sadness of loneliness
A measurement of the loudness of a sound
To soften, lessen, or get smaller
A type of egg preparation
A resident of the underworld (sometimes a mascot for a team)
As opposed to a laptop
A product applied to reduce the smell of sweat
To reverse directions in a progression (also part a band)
The state of owing money to someone
No longer operating
Fragile, easily breakable
The amount of 'stuff' packed into an area, D=M/V
To make a place pretty
Sad, depressed, 'down in the dumps'
To loathe someone
A large, sandy area
To go down(for example, a flight of stairs)
Cleans your teeth every 6 months
Something that can be argued over
The meaning of a word
In poor condition due to neglect
Skill associated with precise movements, such as motor control
The deepest point in the ocean, Challenger
To publicly speak ill of another person or thing
May be found on a Mountain

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