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Can you name where the kids in literature are now*?

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Where Are They Now?Lit. KidBook Title
With her family, the Buchanans, living an extravagant lifestyle
Living in a mansion in Central Park, where everything's just peachy
The bad nut garbage chute; probably needs a bath
Running through the forest, still trying to escape the bears' wrath
Escaped being 'sivilized' by fleeing to Indian Territory
Dead in The Pit (suicide)
About to head back home from the island on a boat with a naval officer
Living happily ever after with his mother and money
About to move in to his new house in Clybourne Park
Continuing to act bewitched for the court, leading to many more deaths
Where Are They Now?Lit. KidBook Title
Riding a sled down a hill with his brother to a house in the snow
Being educated with Napoleon in his private quarters;probably missing mom and dad
Woke up from her dream about a wonderful world
Got married, had a baby, became a vampire
Back home in the States with her dog
Back at the stump, many years later, sitting and resting
Had two kids, killed the president, sister died
The young girl is eaten and the story ends with no happy ending
Home from work overseas, now with Estella once again in the garden
Establishing a family of her own with a European aristocrat

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