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Can you name the common grape varietals?

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reds before whites
big bold red
known as a common red
the second most planted grape in California
grows anywhere and has a defined charcteristic of black currants and plums
related to sauvignion but is less intense has a distinct ash like mineral aroma
difficult to grow it needs long cool seasons to develop high accidity
known from the beaujolais region of southern burgundy and is very fruit forward. oh yeah and carbonic maceration
italian red from piedmont. high tannins early on but after aging is velvety smooth with overtones of tea and dried fruits and smells like tar and leather
main grape used in chianti. distictive floral and herbal aromas along with sour cherrcherry
a spanish red high in acid and tannin. it tastes like plum and blackberries
the answer is whites
reds before whites
the most popular white that is often put in an oak barrel
also a popular white that has high acidity and tastes of unripe fruit
known as a dry german white with high citric acid and minerals
like riesling but it offers a stronger fruit flavor wit aromas of honeysuckle, rose water and lychee
an italian grape found mostly in alsace france. it is a variation of pinot noir
found commonly in the Rhone valley in france. they are known for its exotic fruit and floral flavors
found in liore valley france. usually light in body and exhibit aromas of honey and melon with a nutty overtone
a grape used in the production of sweet wines even though it can also be made dry
a french grape with med to full bodied white wine with aromas of lanolion and peaches or ripe apricots
developed in germany a cross between riesling and chasselas for an early ripening, fruit forward wine

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