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Can you name the Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn Enemy Bosses by Chapter?

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Forced Order
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Name of BattleGuess
Under Gray Skies A.Pugo B.Ludveck C.Jill
Maiden of Miracles A.Tashoria B.Naesala C.Isaiya
The Dispossessed A.Sephiran B.Zaitan C.Lethe
A Faint Light A.Burton B.Ike C.Catalena
A Distant Voice A. Kyza B.Agony C.Pain
The Lost Heir A.Boyd B.Maraj C.Wystan
Raise the Standard A.Laverton B.Fiona C.Yuma
A Gathering Hope A.Maraj B.Djur C.Janaff
Glory Unwanted A.Radmin B.Tormod C.Valtome
One Survives A.Alder B.Jarod C.Caineghis
Daein, Arise! A.Alder B.Jarod C.Caineghis
On Drifting Clouds A.Istvan B.Haar C.Zeffren
Winds of Rebellion A.Yeardley B.Septimus C.Brom
Tides of Intrigue A.Soren B.Maraj C.Rommit
Geoffrey's Charge A.Ludveck B.Ilyana C.Tashoria
Elincia's Gambit A.Ludveck B.Ilyana C.Tahoria
The Great Advance A.Septimus B.Stefan C.Silvano
Laguz and Beorc A.Roark B.Rommit C.Reyson
Stormclouds A.Haar B.Istvan C.Zeffren
River Crossing A.Veyona B.Pelleas C.Izuka
The General's Hand A.Ranulf B.Zaitan C.Callum
Name of BattleGuess
Retreat! A.Lombroso B.Levail C.Black Knight
A Reason to Fight A.Maraj B.Lethe C.Kezhda
Rivals Collide A.Micaiah B.Lehran C.Goran
Incandescent Glow A.Septimus B.Stefan C.Silvano
Marauders A.Calill B.Tashoria C.Roark
The Heart of Crimea A.Valtome B.Oliver C.Sergei
Just Cause A.Lyre B.Goran C.Jarod
The Price A.Sigrun B.Tanith C.Catalena
Blood Contract A.Ike B.Soren C.Titania
From Pain, Awakening A.Ike B.Pelleas C.Micaiah
Chaos Named A.Vika B.Yuma C.Pugo
Road to the Empire A.Lombroso B.Zihark C.Catalena
Silent World A.Valtome B.Oliver C.Sergei
Distortions A.Lekin B.Numida C.Hetzel
Revelations A.Muarim B.Radmin C.Oliver
Unforgivable Sin A.Mia B.Izuka C.Yeardley
Rebirth 1 A.Lekain B.Haar C.Hetzel
Rebirth 2 A.Levail B.Rafiel C.Black Knight
Rebirth 3 A.Ludveck B.Gareth C.Dheginsea
Rebirth 4 A.Sephiran B.Callum C.Bastian
Rebrith 5 A.Oliver B.Ashera C.Isaiya

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