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Can you name the ChamoandChama.?

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8th number of Chama's phone number
Favorite Chamo's dessert
Chamo's favorite soccer player
When a show is about to start
What chama can't stop drinking
Send your....
Restaurant we went with Chama's parent after we got married
Chamo's dream destination
Sex at Memorial park (where?)
First bar we went out to
Chama's teddy bear
Our favorite tv show
When Chamo makes Mango Juice, Chama always forget to
Our group of music
Chamo's nickname
what Chama used to smell like
Game where Chama kicks chamo's ass
Game where chamo kicks chama's ass
What Chama goes to the gym for.
Apartment number in Houston
What chama has in her brain
Name of the bed (in Houston)
7th number of Chamo's Phone number
First restaurant we went out to
You'll never see Chamo without this.
Bar we'd go to see the games (in Houston)
Chaaaama where are you goiiing????
Chama's nick name
Sex position.
What happens under the covers in bed?
Name of the 2 Scorpions
Name of the sofa (in Houston)
Exact date when we got married. (dd-mm-yyyy)
Question chamo always ask out loud
Tickles in spanish
What make chamo dance in the Kichen
Chamo's favorite drink on road trips.
Infamous phrase by Chama on the first date
Name of the bed (In Sacramento)
Chama's favorite food market

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