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neckcollects blood from cranium & deep tissues face
neckreceives blood from the face, brain and neck
neckon the tyroid gland
thoraxbelow the collar bone
thoraxtwo join to form superior vena cava
thoraxfrom head neck and arms
thoraxdrains the chest wall and mamma
thoraxdrain from btw ribs
thoraxfrom the lungs
trunkfrom the liver
trunkfrom legs and trunk
abdomendrains to the liver not the heart
thoraxup the right side of the thoracic vertebral column
thoraxleft side of thoracic vertebra
abdomen from the kidneys
abdomen pelviscarrying blood away from the gonad
thorax abdomen pelvisruns along the lateral aspect of the trunk
pelvisoriginate from the aortic bifurcation
pelvislateral bifurcation of common iliac
pelvismedial bifurcation of common iliac
armsuperficial vein of the upper limb.
armvenae comitantes of the brachial artery
armlarge superficial vein of the upper limb that helps drain parts of hand and forearm
armconnects the basilic and cephalic vein, elbow
armascends on the ulnar side of the front of the forearm
armlower arm, medial
armlower arm, lateral
leglateral to femoral vein
leglarge vein in thigh
leglarge superficial in leg & thigh
legdrains from the knee joint and muscles in the thigh
leglarge superficial vein in posterior leg
legin front of the larger bone of the posterior leg
legbehind the larger bone of the posterior leg
footsuperior to the metatarsals bones
trunkfrom the small intestine
trunkfrom the spleen
trunkfrom the large intestine

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