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QUIZ: Can you name the religion associated with each person?

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Forced Order
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Important ThinkerReligionYears
L. Ron Hubbard20th Century
Joseph Smith19th Century
Jesus Christ1st Cnetury
Mani3rd Century
Siddhartha Guatama5th Century BCE
Zarathushtra11th Century BCE
John Calvin16th Century
Lao-Tzu6th Century BCE
Martin Luther16th Century
Henry VIII16th Century
Guru Nanak Dev15th Century
Mary Baker Eddy19th Century
Rushabanatha9th Century BCE
Important ThinkerReligionYears
Muhammad7th Century
John Knox16th Century
John Wesley18th Century
Robert Browne16th Century
Baha'u'llah19th Century
K'ung-fu-tzu6th Century BCE
Leonard Howell20th Century
Charles Taze Russell19th Century
Ayya Vaikundar19th Century
Choe Jeu20th Century
Li Hongzhi20th Century
George Fox17th Century
Hillel the Elder1st Century BCE

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