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Can you name the book from the titles of its parts and chapters?

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chapter or part titlesbook titleAuthor's Nationality
The Perforated Sheet, Accident in a Washing-chestBritish
The Old Buffoon, The Brothers Make FriendsRussian
Marseille: The Arrival, The Prison RegisterFrench
The Day the World Ended, A Karass Built for TwoAmerican
Between Time and Timbuktu, Reunion with StonyAmerican
The Brahmin's Son, With the SamanasGerman
The Spouter-Inn, Of the Monstrous Pictures of WhalesAmerican
Sandbox Minus John Dillinger Equals What?, Trout Death by Port WineAmerican
Ludvik, JaroslavCzech
I Am Born, I Look About Me and Make a DiscoveryEnglish
The Villa, South Cairo 1930-1938Canadian
The Wide Skirt, Smash a Little WindowpaneGerman
A Voyage to Lilliput, A Voyage to BrobdingnagIrish
The Texan, ClevingerAmerican
I Fool Pap and Get Away, Trying to Help JimAmerican
Economy, The Pond in WinterAmerican
Simpletons, Birth of MaryEnglish
chapter or part titlesbook titleAuthor's Nationality
The Night the Bed Fell, The Dog that Bit PeopleAmerican
Cities and Memory, Continuous CitiesItalian
The Arrest, First InterrogationCzech
Recalled To Life, Still KnittingEnglish
Lightness and Weight, Soul and BodyCzech
Lost Letters, LitostCzech
Toronto and Pondicherry, The Pacific OceanCanadian
The Great Hall of the Palace of Justice, Monseigneur the CardinalFrench
How (blank) was brought up in a magnificent castle and how he was driven thence, What they saw in the country of EldoradoFrench
The Angel Gibreel, Ellowen DeeowenBritish
In Chancery, Tom-all-Alone'sEnglish
Shopping, HouseholdCanadian
The Window, Time PassesEnglish
A Long Expected Party, At the Sign of the Prancing PonyEnglish
The Pacific Journal of Adam Ewing, An Orison of Sonmi-451English
The Thieving Magpie, Bird as ProphetJapanese

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