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Can you name the rungs in this 4-letter word ladder about Chloe Grace Moretz movies?

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❤ Chloe's movie: 'The ______ Of Princess Kaguya' ❤
A type of flooring
Drawer for money
❤ What Chloe's character in 'Carrie' does ❤
Man's skirt
Not pepper
To cause to stop
❤ Chloe's character's last name in 'If I Stay' ❤
The main body of a vessel, tank, flying boat, etc.
Superhero: The Incredible ______
A nook; a corner
To break into a computer system
❤ Chloe's movie '______ and the Beanstalk' ❤
An athlete
❤ Chloe was on a few episodes of '30 ______' ❤
❤ Wrote the book to Chloe's movie 'The 5th Wave' ______ Yancey ❤
❤ Chloe's movie: '______ Ass' ❤

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