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Can you fill in the missing word to complete the Chloe Grace Moretz movie? Then identify the secret movie character?

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Today You ___
___________ of the Beholder
Big Momma's ____________ 2
Kick ____________
Room ___________
Wicked ______ Things
Hallowed ______
My ______________ Tigger and Pooh
If _________ Stay
____________ Ass 2
The ______ Nail
________ Eye
The ___ House
Not __________
500 Days of ________
Jack and the _________
Space ______
_____________ of a Wimpy Kid
Let Me ____________
______________ Killing Fields
Dark _____________
Movie ______________
The Tale of ______________ Kaguya
_______ Most Wanted
____________ of Sils Maria
The _________________
______________ Places
The 5th ______________
Neighbors 2: Sorority _______________
I picked these colors for a special reason. What character of Chloe's do these colors represent?

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