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Can you name the Character Names in COD: Modern Warfare 2?

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Task Force 141Most played character in the game.
Task Force 141Prisoner in the Gulag, rescued by Task Force 141
Task Force 141Main leader of Task Force 141, awesome mohawk.
Task Force 141Intelligence head, amazingly awesome uniform.
Task Force 141Supporting character in the Task Force 141.
Task Force 141Supporting character in the Task Force 141.
US Army RangersHead of the US Army Rangers, doesn't care about 'Danger Close'.
US Army RangersMain played character in the US Army Rangers.
US Army RangersHead of an elite group of US soldiers.
US Army RangersPart of the US Army Rangers, and later part of the C.I.A.
US Army RangersSecond in command in Seargant Foley's Army Rangers.
US Army RangersCommander in the Battle of Washington D.C.
Task Force 141 (Pilot)Loyal pilot to the Task Force 141. Cool accent.
Russian TerroristDo I need to explain anything?
Brazillian Militia LeaderTask Force 141 leads a huge chase to capture this man.

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