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QUIZ: Can you name the Movies/TV Show That These Actors' Best Performance Came In According to

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Russell Crowe2000
Ben Stiller2001-
Tom Cruise1996-2015
Harrison Ford1981-2008
Leonardo DiCaprio1993
Matt Damon1997
Bruce Willis1988-2013
Ralph Fiennes2005-2011
Charlize Theron2003
Gary Oldman1993
Sean Penn2008
Jack Nicholson1975
Liam Neeson1993
Brad Pitt1999
Johnny Depp2003-
Colin Farrell2008
Samuel L. Jackson1994
Will Ferrell2004-2013
Christian Bale2000
Ben Affleck1997
Marlon Brando1951
Bill Murray1984
Matthew McConaughey2013
Michael J. Fox1985-1990
Tom Hanks1994
John Travolta1977
Steve Martin1979
Edward Norton1998
Paul Rudd2004-2013
Peter Sellers1963-1978
Christopher Walken1978
Robin Williams1997
Morgan Freeman1994
Jeff Bridges1998
Denzel Washington1992
Mark Wahlberg1997
Sir Sean Connery1962-1971
Philip Seymour Hoffman2005
Keanu Reeves1999-2003
Jamie Foxx2004
Kevin Spacey1999
Meryl Streep1982
Sir John Hurt1980
Harvey Keitel1992
Nicole Kidman2001
Dennis Hopper1986
Al Pacino1974
Kevin Bacon1984
Sir Daniel Day-Lewis1989
Ricky Gervais2001-2003
Robert Downey Jr.1992
Steve Carell2005-2013
Eddie Murphy1984-994
Scarlett Johansson2003
Peter Dinklage2011-
Tom Hardy2012
Jim Carrey2004
Emma Stone2011
Joaquin Phoenix2012
Jennifer Lawrence2012
Sir Christopher Lee1958-1973
Bruce Campbell1981-
Joseph Gordon-Levitt2009
James Franco2010
Ben Kingsley1993
Channing Tatum2012-2014
Daniel Craig2006-2015
Sylvester Stallone1976-2015
Jonah Hill2013

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