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CompanyMascotUnhelpful Hints?
SegaHe fights a guy shaped like an egg.
NintendoRumoured to be a plumber.
Naughty DogHas a flying mask as a helper.
Insomniac Captain Quark is a character in this!
Bungie / 343 IndustriesHe's apparently called John.
RareHe collects puzzle pieces known as 'Jiggys'
NamcoDon't let them ghosts near him!
Santa Monica StudioHe's from Greece... and hates Ares!
Naughty DogOne guy and his ottsel friend!
NintendoLives in the mystical land of Hyrule!
InsomniacHe's purple... with wings... and yellow horns!
Sucker PunchI'm sure this Raccoon is a bank robber.
RareGets drunk, swears a lot, and is a squirrel.
NintendoHe's a gorilla that has a tie.
Epic GamesThe Leader of the 'Gears'.
CapcomSon of a demon, exterminates 'hellspawn'.
2K GamesA massive diver, with a girl?
CompanyMascotUnhelpful Hints?
CapcomHe's considered to be a good fighter!
NintendoTurns out she was a woman after all!
Naughty DogHe's a cocky guy, who travels the globe!
IO InteractiveHe is a clone, that wears a nice suit!
3D Realms'It's time to kick ass and chew bubble gum, and I'm all out of gum.'
KonamiHe's named after a reptile... seriously?
Valve CorporationShall we say its an evil computer?
Square EnixShe's basically a female adventurer!
Valve CorporationCool glasses, nice beard and check out those glasses!
CapcomThe enemy of Dr Wily.
NintendoA pink thing... that was in Smash Bros!
UbisoftHas a very powerful punch!
NintendoA yellow mouse, that likes lightning!
HudsonsoftHe has way too many bombs for a normal person...
SonySomething to do with a Little Planet... or was that a Big Planet?
UbisoftOne of the more famous assassins.
MojangHe crafts and mines stuff.

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