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Dinosaur Classification or Time PeriodDinosaurs
Late Jurassic period, theropod
Late Jurassic period, sauropod
Early Cretaceous period, theropod
Late Jurassic, sauropod
Late Cretaceous, thyreophoran
Late Cretaceous, titosaurian
Late Cretaceous, hadrosaurid, duck-billed
Late Jurassic, small dino, theropod, travels in 'packs'
Early Cretaceous, crocodile-like
Early Cretaceous, carnivorous dromaeosaurid coelurosaurian dinosaur, large claw, like a velociraptor
Late Jurassic, sauropod
Thumb spike
One of the most feared and well known dinosaurs, carnivore
Dinosaur Classification or Time PeriodDinosaurs
Three-horned, four legged, herbivore
One of the first dinosaurs pictured with feathers, hunted in packs, fast, raptor
Enormous undersea dinosaur
The first shark
Hybrid in Jurassic World
Crocodile, 'suchus'
Would use its back-plates to absorb the sun and warm their body, four legged
Flying bird, one of the most well known
Long neck, skinny legs, beaked
Long neck, skinny legs, extremely fast, no beak
Rigged spine, long mouth, carnivore
Hard skull, Ramming dinosaur

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