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Who lived longer – Doc Holliday or Wyatt Earp?
What is the most obese state in the US?
What was Dr Huxtable’s wife’s first name?
What stadium do the Cleveland Browns play in?
According to careers.com, who is happier in their job – nurses or teachers?
What are pinking shears used for?
Where did Paris & Helen live after he abducted her?
Did Cassius Clay ever win an Olympic gold medal?
What make of car does Zach Ephron drive in “17 Again”?
How old was the oldest Von Trapp child in the “Sound of Music”?
What plant or animal is featured in King’s Canyon National Park?
What is Roman Goddess Minerva’s Greek counterpart?
Played song – Come On, Come On (them from Rescue Me) – name artist?
What month or months are best for viewing the Aurora Borealis?
From Left to right – name presidents on Mt Rushmore?
Bangladesh split from what country in the 1970s?
Was there a British East Indies tea company?
What US Government Agency was fined $400 by Australia for littering?
Spell the word for the area of space occupied by Q in Star Trek, Next Generation?
Which is further north, Detroit, Mi. or Binghamton, NY?
What year was Living LaVida Loca released?
In 1833, what cargo was successfully shipped from Boston to Calcutta, India?

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