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Can you name the top things searched for on Google?

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ASouth American river or online retailer
BUS money holder
COnline classified advertisements
DA wordy book
EOnline auction house
FNetworking site where you can 'like' and 'poke'
GGoogle letter
HBurning letter
JWhere 'Every Day Matters'
KWhere you can 'Expect Great Things'
L'Improving Home Improvement'
MTop competitor of 'F'
NWhere you can rent movies
O'Taking Care of Business'
PGreek Myth character who opened a box
QFamous sayings
RReal estate agent
SCardinal direction airplane
TAim for the bullseye
UMail carrying eagle
V'Can you here me now?'
W'Save Money, Live Better'
XWhat Harry Potter's godfather listens to online
Y186,921,851 views
Z5 digit location

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