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This asian country borders nine others
This european country is famous for its public baths
Tippecanoe of 'Tippecanoe and Tyler too'
Salt flats in this country create the world's largest mirror when it floods
Capital of Nevada
Former Hanseatic city, now third largest port in Europe
Famous blue river (also in a song title)
Only country to have the climate zones of desert, rainforest, tundra, alpine, and plains
Namesake of sandwiches
Country of origin of arabica coffee beans
Region where horses were first domesticated
Southern-most US state?
The Terracotta Army is buried with this emperor
This major trading shortcut was completed in 1869
The Dong is the official currency in this country
This vegetarian painter was (now) famously rejected from art school
Country formerly known as Rhodesia
Approximately 607 islands comprise this country
Japan's capital city before it moved to Tokyo?
Region that (currently) wants secede from Spain

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