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QUIZ: Can you name the casinos of Las Vegas by their alternate name?

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Alternate NameCasino
Opulent housing for many a Roman king
Second atmospheric layer
15th letter of the alphabet on fire
Opposite of 'lose'
First name of hotel heiress
Home of 'Karnak' and 'Valley of the Kings'
Clarice Starling's target NOTE: Located in Primm, NV
City in Queensland, Australia
Big, sandy area in northern Africa
European city also famous for its casinos
Sword of King Arthur
A municipality in the Province of Como, Italy
What completed the First Transcontinental Railroad
Frank Sinatra's love song to a city
Where many a foreigner passed through to become a U.S. citizen
Alternate NameCasino
Movie studio with roaring lion
Victoria, Elizabeth, Freddy Mercury, and RuPaul
Rapper from Atlanta (book by Robert Louis Stevenson)
What a performer gives when the audience calls them back
Transition zones between fingers and wrists
En Ingles es 'River'
Italian term for the coast of Liguria
Is this a place to lose money or a place to lose weight?
A whole world dedicated to making movies
Shimmering image in the desert
Orange juice company
Demonym for Marco Polo
The Greatest Show on Earth...twice
First of the 'Blonde Bond' movies
Body of water near Burma's second-largest city

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