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Can you name the MLB, NBA, or NFL team by their impolite nickname?

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Forced Order
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The D-Bags 
The Red Sux 
The Loveable Losers 
The Suckies 
The Lastros 
The Dogturds 
The Mess 
The Stankees 
The Assletics 
The Philthies 
The Succos 
The Gnats 
The Lamers 
The Fakers 
The Nyets 
The Knuckleheads 
The Zombie Sonics 
The Jail Blazers 
The Queens 
The Spazz 
The Rat Birds 
The Bungles 
The Clowns 
The Cryboys 
The Donkeys 
The Dolts 
The Queefs 
The Viqueens 
The Patsies 
The Aints 
The Jest 
The Faders 
The Beagles 
The Squealers 
The Goats 
The Forty Whiners  
The Sea Chickens 
The Suckaneers 
The Flaming Thumbtacks 
The Foreskins 

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