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Can you name the movies based on how they destroy famous landmarks?

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LandmarkMovieTarget of Destruction
Invaders from the Red Planet blast the monument and use their flying saucers to push it around and ensure maximum carnage (1996)Washington Monument
Filmmaker-turned-terrorist Michael Moore suicide-bombs the monument (2004)Mt. Rushmore
Super-villain invaders rearrange the faces of George, Thomas, and Teddy and destroy Abe's (1980)Mt. Rushmore
A weak spot in the atmosphere allows the sun to melt through the bridge leading to its collapse (2003)Golden Gate Bridge
A giant, alien robot wrecks the bridge as it fights a gigantic woman and other odd beasts (2009)Golden Gate Bridge
A magnetic super-villain lifts the entire bridge and moves it to Alcatraz (2006)Golden Gate Bridge
The statue (along with the rest of New York City) is flooded by a tsunami caused by global warming (2004)Statue of Liberty
A giant monster decapitates the statue and sends the head careening down the streets (2008)Statue of Liberty
Lady Liberty gets a few puncture wounds and a scratch here and there as two teams of mutants duke it out on her head (2000)Statue of Liberty
The heroes coat the inside of the statue with ectoplasmic goo and use it to break through the walls of the art museum (1989)Statue of Liberty
A tsunami carrying an aircraft carrier smashes the White House (2009)White House
An alien Destroyer ship blasts a blue laser beam into the president's mansion (1996)White House
A subway train carrying explosives and the body of the masked hero finishes what Guy Fawkes started (2005)Parliament
Big Ben's facade suffers minor damages when a cowboy, a Chinese guard, and an evil Parliament member crash through the clock's face (2003)Parliament
The ground starts shakin' and the letters start fallin' (1974)Hollywood Sign
The villain crashes his faulty rocket pack through the LAND part of the HOLLYWOODLAND sign (1991)Hollywood Sign
'Wild Bill' Kelso, an overzealous, trigger-happy fighter pilot, shoots out the LAND part of HOLLYWOODLAND (1979)Hollywood Sign
A beefed-up Weird Al sends the sign (and other landmarks) up in flames (1989)Hollywood Sign
A chunk of asteroid lays Paris to waste and topples the tower (1998)Eiffel Tower
A terrorist group hits the tower with a nanotechnology-based, metal-eroding warhead (2009)Eiffel Tower
A giant lizard gets caught in the wires as fighter jets blast the beast with missiles (1998)Brooklyn Bridge
A bumbling American tourist hits the monument with his car creating a domino effect (1985)Stonehenge

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