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Can you name the movie based on the unusual strategy used by one or more of the main characters ?

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Special MoveMovieYear--Lead Actor
Blue Steel2001--Ben Stiller
Iron Lotus2007--Jon Heder
Flying V1992--Emilio Estevez
5 Finger Exploding Heart Technique2004--Uma Thurman
The Triple Lindy1986--Rodney Dangerfield
Hamster Style1997--Trey Parker
Alley-Oop (invention of)2008--Will Ferrell
Wuxi Finger Hold2008--Jack Black
Special MoveMovieYear--Lead Actor
The Heater1993--Tom Guiry
The Picket Fence1986--Gene Hackman
Crane Kick1984--Pat Morita
Gun Kata2002--Christian Bale
The Transported Man2006--Hugh Jackman
Ram Jam2008--Mickey Rourke
Knucklepuck1994--Emilio Estevez
Truffle Shuffle1985--Sean Astin

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