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Can you name the A-Z Facts Pertaining to Emperor Napoleon I?

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ABattle saw the defeat of a combined Austrian and Russian forces
BNapoleon's birth name (surname)
CIsland where Napoleon was born
DArtist that painted Napoleon's Coronation
ENapoleon was made Emperor of this island
FEmpire that had Napoleon as its Emperor
GSpanish resisters to French rule in Spain who engaged in small skirmishes
HThis nation declared independence from French rule in 1804
IBuilding complex of Napoleon's burial site
JName of Napoleon's first wife (given name)
KProclaimed himself the _____ of Italy
LName given to the sale of French land in the Americas to the United States
MNapoleon used these Egyptian slaves as soldiers in his army
NBritish admiral who died at sea during a battle against the French and Spanish navy
ONapoleon fought against this mighty Empire while in Egypt
PName given to the war fought against Napoleon in Spain
QUndeclared war fought between France and the United States
RGreat Egyptian translation device found by Napoleonic scientists
SRecognized as a neutral power after the Napoleonic Wars
TDecisive British sea battle victory off the coast of Spain
UBavarian city where Napoleon fought Austrian troops
VCongress set up to deal with Post-Napoleonic Europe
WNapoleon's final defeat to combined British, Prussian and Allied forces
XDiplomatic spat between France and the United States that led to an undeclared war

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