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Canada DayH
Year in which Canada became a dominionA
Name given to the Act signed in said yearP
Monarch to which the Act was presented toP
Made a federal dominion of Y
First Prime Minister of CanadaC
City in PEI where delegates gathered in 1864A
Four Canadian Provinces who formed CanadaN
Four Canadian Provinces who formed CanadaA
Four Canadian Provinces who formed CanadaD
Four Canadian Provinces who formed CanadaA
Capital city of the DominionD
Number of original 'Fathers of Confederation'A
Original name of Canada DayY
Year of first official celebrations for Canada DayS
2 major languages of CanadaP
2 major languages of CanadaO
Windsor–Detroit festival that celebrates Canada day and US Independence DayR
Last Province to join Confederation in 1949C
Last Territory to join Confederation in 1999L
Explosive devices used to celebrate the holidayE

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