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Can you name the Avengers Assemble episode list (Season 4)?

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The Leader attacks the Avengers, causing them to lose connection with Tony
Black Panther calls for Vision, Captain Marvel, Ant-Man, Wasp and Ms Marvel to free the Avengers from the Cabal
Red Skull's sleeper robot attacks the Avengers, which leads the Avengers to Red Skull's rogue AI
When Crimson Widow gets sent to the Vault, she launches a massive prison break with Wasp and Captain Marvel on the inside
Hercules comes to join the Avengers just as Ares sends his monsters to kill Hercules
Taskmaster seeks the Avengers' help to stop M.O.D.O.C.
When Ant-Man accidentally helps Baron Zemo infiltrate Wakanda, he and Black Panther try to stop him
Hawkeye, Whitney Frost, Crossbones and Crimson Widow are trapped in a cabin surrounded by Dracula and his vampires
When Jane Foster finds the missing Avengers across dimensions, she sends Wasp and Vision to the future, which is being ruled by Kang
Ant-Man ends up in Dimension Z, a world conquered by Arnim Zola, with Captain America, Hawkeye and Black Widow as the resistance
Black Panther ends up in Asgard, where Hulk is being hunted by Skurge
Captain Marvel and Ms Marvel find themselves on a small planet created by the Enchantress, where she has mind controlled Thor
As the Avengers return to their own dimension, they find New York under siege by Loki
Howard Stark and Peggy Carter are sent to the present by Kang, where they team up with Iron Man and Captain America
Captain America and Black Panther investigate a magical artifact stolen by Hydra
Agamotto returns to take back his eye from Doctor Strange
The Avengers are sent to Battleworld by the Beyonder
Iron Man, Hulk, Thor and Loki try and find the Bifrost to undo Battleworld
Black Panther and Falcon travel to K'un-Lun, trying to find Heimdall's sword
Ant-Man and Ms Marvel search for Vibranium, teaming up with Typhoid Mary
Captain Marvel and Black Widow search for the missing Bruce Banner and Hulk
Hawkeye, Wasp, Vision and Loki travel to the Old West in search of Doctor Strange
Iron Man and Captain America are taken prisoner by Ares, M.O.D.O.C., Absorbing Man and Crimson Widow, and are taken to the Beyonder's base
After finishing the Bifrost, the Avengers race against Ares and an army of Ghost Riders to undo Batteworld
After gaining the Eye of Agamotto, Loki uses his power to take over Asgard and destroy the universe

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