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The Avengers go undercover into A.I.M. to find information on the new Scientist Supreme
After Ultron takes over the Super Adaptoid, he launches his plan to replace all humans on Earth with robots
Captain America is brainwashed by Baron Zemo to recover the super soldier serum his father created
Baron Zemo leads the Masters of Evil to attack Avengers Tower, with Hawkeye as the only person there
The Avengers team up with the Thunderbolts to stop Justin Hammer
Hawkeye and the Avengers discover that the Thunderbolts are the Masters of Evil, while Songbird and the others turn on Zemo
The Avengers and Doctor Strange work together to stop Dormammu
Hulk has his gamma radiation drained, and is forced to remain on the sidelines by the Avengers
The Avengers investigate a ship crash in a small town, encountering the Inhumans
The Avengers help the Inhumans defend Attilan from Ultron
New Inhumans Ms Marvel and Inferno are caught in Avengers Tower when Ghost infiltrates the tower
A.I.M. has been stealing weapons from the future, attracting the attention of the Avengers and Kang the Conqueror
The Avengers in the future must fight to survive, while also encountering the Avengers of the future
Hulk gets kidnapped by Yelena Belova, under the command of Baron Strucker
Thor takes Vision to Asgard, unknowingly bringing Ultron along as well
The Avengers help Captain Marvel fight the Kree trying to kill her, and find many kidnapped Inhumans
When Black Panther takes Captain America's shield, the Avengers end up in a battle between him and Klaw
The Avengers visit Ant-Man at the set of a movie, but encounter a revenge plot orchestrated by Egghead
Baron Zemo uses Kang's time travel technology to bring his father to the present
Hulk and the Avengers come face to face with the U-Foes, Hydra scientists who have taken over the organization
The Avengers struggle to work with Red Hulk while trying to stop the Leader
The Avengers and Hulk try to stop a rampaging Red Hulk, who's under the Leader's control
Maximus the Mad controls Inferno to destroy Attilan
When the Avengers quit due to disagreements with the government over the Inhuman Registration Act, the government forms the Mighty Avengers as their replacements
The Avengers break out of prison, just as the registered Inhumans are mysteriously mind controlled
The Avengers battle Ultron to prevent the extinction of all life on Earth
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