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AboutPlayerBest of the best
1966 World Cup winner GK
Danish nutter GK
Most games without conceding GK
Italian Legend GK
At club since 1997 to present day GK
Scored a beautiful free kick LB
Most champions league medals LB
Best Irish LB
Went from one London club to another LB
Curly haired Frenchman LB
Italian and Milan legend CB
1966 English CB
Munich and German legend CB
1970 Brazil Captain CB
Never won the World Cup CB
Oldest right back to play in the World Cup RB
Part of 1998 World Cup winners team RB
World Class italian RB
Played for Barcelona and Ac Milan RB
41 year old still playing RB
AboutPlayerBest of the best
Won 2 ballon d'ors LM
Irish United legend LM
United's oldest ever player LM
Most skill full player to walk the planet LM
Has one 3 ballon d'ors LM
Scored 2 goals in 1998 cup final CM
Survived a plane crash CM
Over 100 goals for united CM
Netherlands and Milan legend CM
Very ruthless German CM
Free kick specialist RM
Scored the goal of the century RM
Part of 1970 World Cup winners squad RM
1950s best ever dribbler RM
Moved from Barcelona to Madrid RM
Scored 189 Premier League goals ST
Scored over 1000 career goals ST
1998 World Cup player of the tournament ST
Won Ballon d'ors at two different clubs ST
Has won 4 ballon d'ors ST

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