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A graphical representation of a star's light intensity over a period of time
Chart showing the temperature vs. luminosity of stars.
The method by which astronomers determine the distance to binary star systems too far to measure using stellar parallax
A name for false binaries, not really close to each other
The relationship between a star's brightness and its change in distance from Earth.
The measure of a star's distance using the apparent shift of nearby stars against a background of distant stars.
Cool and very large stars.
Point around which binary star systems orbit.
A graphical representation of a binary star system when stars are either moving towards or away from Earth
Sequence of symbols representing the temperature classifications of stars
The measure of brightness of stars seen from Earth.
The ability to determine a star's size based only upon its brightness
Two stars which orbit each other at very close distances
The total amount of energy radiating from a star's surface each second
Type of star system when one of the stars blocks the light of the other.
A grouping of stars based upon their intrinsic brightness.
Group of stars on the H-R diagram comprising 90% of the visible stars
Two or more stars which orbit which orbit each other and can be seperated in a telescope
The study of stars based upon their intensities of different wavelengths of light, using color filters
The largest classification of stars on the H-R diagram
A pair of stars orbiting one another
The smallest star classification on the H-R diagram
The largest of the star classifications on the H-R diagram
A pair of stars orbiting each other, seen only as one object visually, but as two, when using a spectroscope.
The measure of brightness for stars when artificially observed at a distance of 10 parsecs from Earth
The course of change for a star through all of its phases, or life stages

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