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Can you name the Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story Characters?

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Location first seenCharacterRole
Peach's CastlePrincess of the Mushroom Kingdom
Peach's CastleThe Princess' guardian
Peach's CastleIntelligent Toad that explains the Joint Tower to the heroes
Peach's CastleA Star Sprite that accompanies the heroes
Peach's CastleThe red hero
Peach's CastleThe green hero
Peach's CastleThe unexpected hero, also Mario's arch-nemesis
Dimble WoodThe character that aids the unexpected hero through the woods.
Dimble WoodThe main villain of the game
Cavi CapeThe main villain's assistant
Plack BeachA Brock that teaches the main hero how to use the Vacuum Block
Plack BeachA statue that the main villain turned chaotic
Flame PipeA bug that blocked Bowser's flame pipe
Plack BeachA Brock dog that fights Bowser as his Flame tutorial
Dimble WoodA Goomba that fights in Bowser's army
Dimble WoodA Shy Guy that fights in Bowser's army
Location first seenCharacterRole
Dimble WoodA Paratroopa that fights in Bowser's army
Dimble WoodA caterpillar that forces Bowser to eat a giga-carrot, but then gets upset and fights him
Nerve ClusterA bug that was found in Bowser's giga-carrot
Flab ZoneA princess that gives badges to Mario & Luigi
Flab ZoneA molecule-type boss that tries to take the princess
Underground TunnelA group of moles that help Bowser get to Toad Town
Toad Town CavesAn evil star that the main villain later awakens
Toad TownA doctor that tells the heroes to find Star Cures, later cures the Blorbs
Tower Of YikkA spirit that tells Bowser about the Boo-ray Machine
Energy HoldThe giga-carrot bug's true form, one of the Star Cure Sages
Plack BeachThe second Star Cure Sage, however, Bowser stole his Star Cure, so now he resorts to puzzles
Memory BanksBowser's memory-version of Mario
Memory BanksBowser's memory-version of Luigi
Plack BeachThe third Star Cure Sage who tries to hold poses for 1,000 years, he tells Bowser about Chakroads
Peach's Castle GardenA moving trash can
Peach's CastleThe evil star's creation of an evil villain

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