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Can you name the facts about or characters of Harry Potter?

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QuestionFact or CharacterBook Number
What do you get if powdered root of asphodel is added to an infusion of wormwood?Book 1
Ginny Weasley's '________ will lie in the Chamber forever'Book 2
Crookshanks resembles either a rather large cat or a very small _____Book 3
The headmaster of Durmstrang Institute, Igor Karkaroff, is a what?Book 4
12 _________ PlaceBook 5
To fake the remnants of a fight, Slughorn used what magical creature's blood on the ceiling of the muggle house he was temporarily staying in?Book 6
The circle (resurrection stone), the line (elder wand) and the triangle (____________ _____) make up the Deathly HallowsBook 7
Which centaur of the Forbidden Forest is threatened by Bane after helping Harry Potter?Book 1
What type of Ford is Arthur Weasley's bewitched car?Book 2
Scabbers the rat is really Peter _________Book 3
_________ Lestrange was loyal enough to Lord Voldemort to sacrifice her freedom to be in AzkabanBook 4
Albus Dumbledore turns the glass that Lord Voldemort aims at him into ____Book/Movie 5
Madam ________ is under the Imperius curse for a period of time, controlled by Draco MalfoyBook 6
Lord Voldemort's last two wordsBook 7
Who referees the quidditch game in the chapter 'Nicholas Flamel'?Book 1
The Basilisk uses _____ to travel, so as to petrify muggle-bornsBook 2
Remus Lupin stopped Harry from having a turn with the _______Book 3
Madame ______ Maxime is the Headmaster of Beauxbatons AcademyBook 4
Who shows Harry a photo of the original Order of the Phoenix at Ron and Hermione's Prefect party?Book 5
______ Slughorn, potions masterBook 6
Luna Lovegood's father is ___________ LovegoodBook 7
QuestionFact or CharacterBook Number
Albus Dumbledore tells Harry he sees a pair of _____ in the Mirror or ErisedBook 1
The Rogue _______Book 2
Remus ____ LupinBook 3
Cedric Diggory's father is ____ DiggoryBook 4
Hermione is struck by a ______ coloured light in the Department of MysteriesBook 5
The ________ Struck TowerBook 6
James Sirius Potter, Albus Severus Potter and Lily ____ Potter are Ginny and Harry Potter's childrenBook 7
'Scuse me, but is one of you Mr H. Potter? Only I got about an _______ of these at the front desk.'Book 1
Harry's arm didn't hurt any more, but it didn't ____ remotely like an arm eitherBook 2
Harry's first excuse for Neville not to follow him into the one-eyed witch statue was that he was going to go finish his _______ essayBook 3
Ministry blunders ... culprits not apprehended ... ___ security ...Book 4
'Extra lessons with Snape? I'd rather have the __________!'Book 5
... images of Malfoy, who turned into ________, who turned into Snape ...Book 6
'Why?' asked Mundungus. 'Is it ________?'Book 7
_____ CrockfordBook 1
Hermione saw the Basilisk through a ______Book 2
The Time Turner took Harry and Hermione to the time _______Book 3
_______ _____ sees through Harry's Invisibility Cloak when Harry drops his golden egg and the Marauders MapBook 4
Harry Potter kisses ___ _____ under the mistletoeBook 5
_______ ____ gives Harry a disguised love potionBook 6
Aberforth Dumbledore's Patronus is a ____Book 7

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