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MovieHeroExtra Info
Fantastic Four Rise of the Silver Surferhe's useless without his board
X-Men First Classcover your ears!!!
Main X-Men trilogylook, but don't touch
Thor and The Avengersthe Norse god of thunder
both Fantastic Four movieshis power allows him to expand his great mind
Main X-Men trilogylarge steel man
Main X-Men trilogy and X-Men Origins: Wolverineshoots laser beams (it's ironic how he actually has 2 eyes)
Main X-Men trilogytelepathic mind; later has fire
all X-Men filmsAdamantium claws...
The Avengershe almost never misses the mark
all Spider-Man filmsshoots web
both Iron Man movies and The Avengersuseless without his armor
X-Men First Classshoots beams from his chest similar to his brother
X-Men The Last Standa man with bird-like wings
Daredevilthe man without fear
Main X-Men trilogyshe can phase through solid objects
both Punisher movieshis logo is a skull
MovieHeroExtra Info
Captain America and The Avengershe grew taller with the serum
all X-Men filmsmutant that controls weather
Daredevil/Elektraan assassin who prefers sais
both Iron Man movies, Captain America, Thor and The Avengershe's almost a pirate without one eye
X2You see him then you don't (he's the blue and true one)
Main X-Men trilogykeeps his cool...literally
Spider-Man 3you may not think he's good, but he came through in the end
The Avengersshe lands with one leg outstretch in an attractive way
both Fantastic Four moviesrock and roll
both Fantastic Four moviesthe power to disappear whenever she wants
all Hulk films and The Avengersdon't make him angry...even though he was played by different actors throughout the years
X2, X-Men The Last Stand, X-Men First Classfurry blue mutant
The Avengershe died a heroes death (a fan of Captain America)
all X-Men filmsbald dude in a wheelchair that owns his school
both Fantastic Four moviesflame on!
Blade trilogyvampire hunter
Iron Man 2he stole Tony's suit and upgraded it to be a killing machine

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