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Can you figure out the Harry Potter-related numbers and multiply them together?

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Factor #1xFactor #2
Years the average student spends at HogwartsDursleys' address (Number ____ Privet Drive)
Children Ron and Hermione haveSickles in a Galleon
Triwizard Tournament competitorsSubjects Snape taught
Movies made about the seriesHarry Potter and the ____-Blood Prince
Balls used in a Quidditch gameHouses of Hogwarts
Possible OWL gradesDeathly Hallows Voldemort has possessed
Hogwarts houses with a mammal as a mascotWeasley children
Named owls in the seriesAge that children start at Hogwarts
_____ Broomsticks (Pub in Hogsmeade)Schools that participated in the Triwizard Tournament
Marauders alive in the epilogueDumbledore's Army members
Nimbus ____Unforgivable curses
Known Patil sistersDate of Harry's birthday
Harry's DADA teachersChildren Harry and Ginny have
Books in the seriesHorcruxes
Points recieved for catching the SnitchGryffindor boys in Harry's year
Platform the Hogwarts Express leaves fromLiving Weasley twins
Sirius's house number (__ Grimmauld Place)Bludgers in a Quidditch game

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