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Can you answer these Harry Potter questions for each Hunger Games district and make your way to the Capitol? See How to Play.

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DISTRICT 13: Nuclear Weaponry and Graphite
Instead of nuclear weapons, the Wizarding World has this spell which is used to kill.
DISTRICT 12: Coal Mining
Like coal, this magical substance is used in the fireplace and helps wizards travel.
DISTRICT 11: Agriculture
This plant is grown by Professor Sprout and her students, with the help of earmuffs.
DISTRICT 10: Livestock
Hagrid raises these animals, who are only visible to those who have seen death.
When Harry turns eleven on this day of July, Hagrid brings him a birthday cake to celebrate.
DISTRICT 8: Textiles
Before going back to Hogwarts, Harry goes to this woman's shop to buy new robes.
DISTRICT 7: Paper and Lumber
This Weasley uses Tom Riddle's diary after Lucius Malfoy plants it on them.
DISTRICT 6: Transportation
This train takes students and teachers from platform 9¾ to school.
DISTRICT 5: Power and Electricity
Instead of flashlights, wizards can use this spell for light.
DISTRICT 4: Fishing
The Giant Squid lives in Hogwarts' Great Lake and occasionally helps students, like when it saves this Creevey sibling from drowning.
DISTRICT 3: Engineering and Technology
Instead of calling him on the phone, Mrs. Weasley prefers to send this type of enchanted letter to Ron to scold him.
DISTRICT 2: Weapons and Peacekeepers
Instead of Peacekeepers, Azkaban uses these soul-sucking monsters to keep the prisoners controlled.
DISTRICT 1: Luxury and Jewelry
In The Prisoner of Azkaban, Hermione wears this magical device on a necklace to allow her to attend multiple classes at the same time.
------- Question #1: What district was Rue from? -------
Twelve • Eleven • Ten • Nine

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