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Can you name the Men Who Are Considered the 'Fathers' Of Different Fields?

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Role-playing GamesCreated Dungeons & Dragons
Atomic BombManhattan Project
Military StrategyWrote The Art of War
American SoccerCreated the New York Cosmos
LacrosseCodified the rules for lacrosse
GeneticsStudied pea plants
TaxonomyLaid the foundations for Binomial Nomenclature
The Periodic TableCreated the first Periodic Table
MedicineCreated a namesake Oath for physicians
Classical MechanicsWrote Principia Mathematica and Philosophiae Naturalia
Quantum MechanicsStated that electromagnetic energy could be emitted only in quantized form. Also has a namesake constant represented by the letter h
Nuclear PhysicsDeveloped a namesake model of the atom
RelativityPioneered special and general relativity
Social Choice TheoryCreated the field with his book Social Choice and Individual Values
Computer Science (along with Alan Turing)Invented a namesake kind of logic
ArchitectureBuilt the first pyramid
American Interstate Highway SystemChampioned its formation
Organized CrimeSplit New York City between five mafia families
HistoryWrote The Histories
Greek TragedyExpanded number of characters in plays to allow for conflict
United States ConstitutionPrincipal author
ProtestantismWrote the Ninety-Five Theses

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