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And I will take my precious time, As the days melt away
As time will fly by and the sky will cry as light is fading, And he is waiting, oh so patiently
Everyone gather around for a show, Watch as this man disappears as we know
He stays home from work this time, He never really told his wife
Over your eyes for me, I know you want to leave but
I am simply very perplexed by your ways, Why won't you let us use your name?
Look in the mirror and ask your soul if you're alright
But I try my best And all that I can to, Hold tightly onto What's left in my hand
For me to drive away with, I began to understand, Why God died
And Heaven forbid they see you cry, As we fall in line
I wanna strip myself of breath, A breathless piece of death I've made for you
My nose and feet are running as we start, To travel through snow, Together we go
And all your friends Fertilize, The ground you walk Lose your mind
And I don't believe, In talking just to breathe, And falling selfishly

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