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Can you name the Folding, Faulting, and Denudation terms?

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Processes that level the earth's surface
The process that bends and twists rocks
A force that is not equal in all directions
The process where rocks move past each other
Mudslides are an example of this type of mass wasting
Part of this mountain slid onto the town of Frank
Crystalline rocks are generally
This type of mechanical weathering occurs because of carbonic acid
Mass wasting that occurs on a slow, gradual slope
Upfolds or ridges
When water enters rock, freezes, and breaks part of it, this type of weathering has occured
The best country on Earth
The equilibrium between forces building up and tearing down the earth
Rock that returns to its original shape if the stress is removed
A landslide involving snow and ice
Rock that has a large range of plastic deformation
Downfolds or valleys

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