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beginning of quotefinish quotenumber of words
back in 1966 _______3 words
shooter, i thought we were going to be friends _____7 words
'rock (r. o. k.)' 'yeah what's your point?' ______1 words
peeing your pants is the coolest ___________11 words
you start to care about a girl and what do they do? ________8 words
you can call it 'i got punched in the nose, for sticking my face in other people's business' _______5 words
you know what else could draw a crowd _______10 words
golf requires goofy pants and a fat ass _______14 words
beginning of quotefinish quotenumber of words
look who it is, wam bam dawson ________5 words
good news everyone, first string quarterback tommy gardener_______6 words
you just hit that guy! ________6 words
and what are we having for dessert? _________1 word
but what about the finely tuned athletic machine? ________10 words
i havent seen a tackler like that since joe montana ________7 words
mmm, i hate the aisle seat ______13 words

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