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Name of the POV character in the prologue
Body of water in which Stannis fights
Name of Theon Greyjoy's sister
Davos is nicknamed the...
Abandoned city Daenerys finds
Kingsguard member who betrays Tyrion
Real name of the 'Reek' imposter
Father of Meera and Jojen
Daughter of Stannis Baratheon
Newest Lannister to take Cersei's bed
Woman who Cersei believes to be Shae
Council member that betrays Tyrion for Cersei
The new Hand of the King following Tyrion
Merchant wishing to wed Dany
Theon threatens to hang...
The Reed's come from...
Name of Arya's assassin
Green weapon used in Blackwater
Robb Stark sends who to Pyke?
Who is Sansa's 'Florian'?
Qhorin Halfhand is killed by...

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