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to go
to go do something
to go to the movies
to go to bed
to open
to arrive
to listen to
to dance
to drink
to understand
to eat dinner
to look for
to close
to forget
to sleep
to do, to make
to eat breakfast
to stay up late
to play sports
to ask a question
to take a photo
to take a walk
to have a snack
to do yoga
to finish
to attend
to play (a game)
to play soccer/cards/golf/tennis
to look at, to watch
to begin
to wash
to work
to read
to eat
to pay
to talk, to speak
to eat lunch
to practice
to prefer
to pray
to take
to take the bus
to have a coffee
to clean
to come home
to write
to serve
to explain
to study
to play (an instrument)
to return
to leave a place, to exit, to go out (with others)
to not be able to wait (to do something), to be excited (about doing something)
to come

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