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Forced Order
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AuthorLiterary WorkQuotes
Donald Barthelme
Sherman Alexie'Their thin and brown legs echoing wild horses, wild horses, wild horses.'
Mary Oliver
Charles Wright
Yusef Komunyakaa'I turn that way- I'm inside the Vietnam Veterans Memorial'
Mary Oliver
Mary Oliver
Sherman Alexie'The Crow God as depicted in all of the reliable Crow bibles looks exactly like a Crow.'
Yusef Komunyakaa'The trumpet's almost kised by enough pain'
Sherman Alexie'Marilyn cannot explain what she needs but the Indian women notice the needle tracks on her arms...'
Charles Wright
Yusef Komunyakaa'I already sense what sleeps in the same flesh, Ariadne & her brother caught in the other's dream.'
Mary Oliver
Sherman Alexie'Because of my obsession I have become an accomplished liar...'
AuthorLiterary WorkQuotes
Charles Wright
Charles Wright
Mary Oliver
Bobbie Ann Mason
Raymond Carver
Sherman Alexie'I open the door...'
Toni Morrison
Mary Oliver
Yusef Komunyakaa'His carpenter's apron alway bulged with old nails, a claw hammer'
Charles Wright
Yusef Komunyakaa'Fast breaks. Lay ups.'
Yusef Komunyakaa'Did you kill anyone over there? Angelica shifts her gave fro mthe Janis Joplin poster.'
Yusef Komunyakaa'Someone lightly brushed the penis alive'
Sherman Alexie'So he give me a beer just for being Indian, small favors...'

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