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All the Killer Instinct characters as of 2-24-15

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HintCharacter Game
KI (1994)'s only femaleKI (1994)
A stereotypical Native AmericanKI (1994)
Known as 'Meltdown' during development KI (1994)
The first game's final bossKI (1994)
Proven to be able to kill a certain MK cyborgKI (1994)
An icy alienKI (1994)
A Tibetan monkKI (1994)
HintCharacter Game
Proven to be killed by a certain cute dinosaur KI (1994)
Is afflicted with lycanthropyKI (1994)
Named after a chord in the bodyKI (1994)
Based on John ParrishKI (1994)
Lied directly to a particular protagonist KI2
Two words: Blazing. ShurikenKI2
'Worst Dressed of 1996'KI2
HintCharacter Game
One goal: defeat allKI2
Leader of the Red Eyes of RylaiKI (2013)
One character possessing another KI (2013)
A 2500-year-old Babylonian SorcererKI (2013)
The Herald of GargosKI (2013)
An ancient war golemKI (2013)
The new head of UltraTechKI (2013)

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