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This life is filled with hurt when happiness doesn't work
Your name, your face is all you have left now betrayed, disgraced you've been erased
So you think you know, how this story goes
You were the first to say that we were not okay
If I needed someone to control me, if I needed some one to hold me down
I wish you never told me I wish I never knew I wake up screaming it’s all because of you
We get back up and stand above the crowd, we are one
You left my side tonight and I, I just don't feel right but I, I can't let you out of sight
You thought you were there to guide me, you were only in my way
I know what runs through your blood, you do this in vain because of you my mind is always racing
So here I go again chasing you down again why do I do this?
You're not the only one refusing to back down
You tried to lie and say I was everything I remember when I said I'm nothing without you
Somebody get me through this nightmare, I can't control myself
I always thought I'd make it but never knew I'd let it get so bad
Am I to blame when the guilt and the shame hang over me like a dark cloud that chases you down in the pouring rain
It's hard to imagine but one day you'll end up like me
I can't stop the rain, but I can stop the tears and I can't fight the fire but I can fight the fear
Every time we lie awake, after every hit we take
Worn out and faded the weakness starts to show they’ve created the generation that we know
This world will never be what I expected and if there's something wrong who would've guessed it?
If you can't stand the way this place is, take yourself to higher places
You try your best to mock me you're always in my way
It's not fair when you say that I didn't try, I just don't wanna hear it anymore
Feels like a hundred years I still can't belive you're gone
Did I fall asleep? Is this all a dream? Wake me up i'm living a nightmare
I need to run far away can't go back to that place, like she told me i'm just a big disgrace
Where are the hell are you, when I need you?
You ask me how to carry on we'll make it through another day just hold on
Nobody knows it but today he won't go unnoticed
I'll let it show that i'm not always hiding
I'm thinking to myself, that i've done something wrong
I feel like I'm dying I've got one foot in the ground, never knew what love was until you came around
I don't really know who I am, it's time for me to take a stand
In this time are we loving or do we sit here wondering why this world isn't turning around
Cause I know you're not there and I know that you don't care
Where you finally trust me finally believe in me
Now it seems are fading, all my dreams are not worth saving

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