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Can you name the Song by Main Line a third time?

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Main LineSongBand
So ___________ fighting and, trying to hide the scars. I'll be home tonight, take a breath and softly say goodbye.Breaking Benjamin
In this time, are we loving? Or do we, sit here wondering why this world isn't turning around? It's _________ Three Days Grace
What if i say i'm not like the others, what if I say i'm just another one of your plays, you're ____________. What if I say I will never surrender.Foo Fighters
You wouldn't make a move, so I made mine. Isn't it a pity I wish you were really __________Sick Puppies
Going through this life, ____________, people passing by, _____________.Skillet
I'm the son of rage and love, the _____________ Green Day
Can't explain why it's so hard for me, so ________ your side.Five Finger Death Punch
You can't break me down if it takes all you might. 'Cause i'm so much more, then meets the eye.Seether
Exit light. Enter night. Take my hand, we're off to never never land.Metallica
A __________, yeah that's what i'll be. And when I come home, they'll be damn proud of me.Rise Against

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